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Watch repairs

Watch repair is the process of servicing and restoring a watch to its original condition. This may involve replacing parts, cleaning and lubricating the movement, and adjusting the timing. It may also involve replacing the battery, crystal, and case. In some cases, the watch may need to be completely disassembled and rebuilt. We know how important your watch is to you and we offer a full range of repairs to keep it looking in top condition.

Our repair services include:

  • Battery change
  • Checking of the rate and calibration
  • Examination of functionality and maintenance needs
  • Authenticate watches
  • Replace crown, pushers
  • Replace crystal
  • Relume hands
  • Relume dial
  • Dial restoration
  • Refit hands
  • Case cleaning
  • Polishing of the case and bracelet
  • Remove and fit bracelet links, adjustment
  • Case restoration and refurbishment
  • Rhodium plating
  • Polishing of jewellery

Complete service

A watch complete service is a comprehensive service that includes a full inspection of a watch, cleaning, lubrication, and adjustment of the movement, as well as a full case and bracelet refinishing. The service also includes a full water resistance test and a full accuracy test. The service is typically performed by a professional watchmaker and can take several days to complete. A luxury watch is a finely balanced work of art and requires a full service every 3 to 5 years to ensure it continues to work at its best.

Our full service includes:

  • Dismantling of case
  • Dismantling of movement
  • Ultrasonic cleaning of case and bracelet (where appropriate)
  • Oiling of components and cleaning of movement
  • Testing of gaskets and replacement where necessary
  • Re-assembly of dial and hands
  • Re-assembly of watch
  • Full water resistance & pressure tests
  • 5-day¬†mechanical test
  • Repair bracelet/ clasp (where applicable)
  • 1 Year warranty

Complete Restoration

I specialize in vintage watches and offer restoration services that aim to keep every watch as original as possible. A complete restoration of an item typically involves disassembling the item, cleaning and repairing any broken or worn parts, and then reassembling the item. Depending on the item, this process may also include refinishing, painting, and polishing.

The service includes:

  • An assessment of the watch to understand what is required and what your restoration aims are
  • Sourcing of original parts to ensure an authentic restoration
  • Watch is disassembled, cleaned, parts fitted, reassembled, oiled and tested

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Once everything is completed, we will then securely send back your watch.

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Quick repair

Watch repair is an intricate and delicate process that requires a skilled technician to ensure the watch is returned to its original condition. Here’s are some sample of Vintage Watch Fever.


Additional Repair

Watch repair is a complex and delicate process that requires specialized tools and knowledge. In addition to basic repairs such as replacing batteries, cleaning, and oiling, watch repair can also involve more complex tasks such as replacing broken parts, adjusting the timing, and replacing crystals. Vintage Watch Fever offer services such as refinishing, polishing, and engraving. It is important to find a qualified watch repair technician who is experienced in the type of watch you own and can provide quality service